Parish Activities

Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Christ is born!  Glorify Him!  On Sunday , January 7, 2018, our parish celebrated the Divine Liturgy in honor of the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ brings us hope that we can be saved.  God Himself has descended into our sinful world out of His great mercy and love for us.  The Lord of all creation, the King of kings, has come to this world in great humility, being born in a cave and laid down in a manger when there was no place for Him in the inn.  He has come to this world to cleanse us from our sins, to suffer to free us from our passions, and to die for us so that we may live forever.  Remembering His merciful coming, we rejoice, proclaiming, "Christ is born!  Glorify Him!" 

Following the Divine Liturgy, we shared a celebratory meal and watched a Nativity skit prepared by our parishioners.

Христос Рождается - Славите!  В восресенье 7 января, 2018 года, в нашем приходе была отслужена Божественная Литргия в честь Рождества Господа нашего Иисуса Христа.  Рождество Христово это праздник который несет нам великую надежду на спасение.  Сам Господь пришел в наш грешный мир по своей великой любви и милости к нам.  Творец Вселенной, Царь царей, пришел в наш мир с великим смирением, родившись в пещере поскольку ему не нашлось места в гостинице.  Он пришел в наш мир, чтобы омыть нас от наших грехов, пострадать за нас, чтобы мы освободились от наших страстей, и принять смерть за нас, чтобы мы имели вечную жизнь.  Ликуя этой надежды, которую Он нам принес, мы восклицаем: "Христос рождается - Славите!"

После Божественной Литургии, прошла Рождественская трапеза, за которой наши прихожане поставили маленький спектакль повященный Рождеству Христову и дружно позвали Деда Мороза.

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Our Parish Feast Day

On Saturday, August 26, the day commemorating Saint Tikhon the Bishop of Voronezh and Wonderworker of Zadonsk and All Russia, we celebrated our parish feast day.  His Eminence Kyrill, the Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America, celebrated the Divine Liturgy.  He was joined by His Grace Theodosy, the Bishop of Seattle, together with clergy from the Western American Diocese.  

On Sunday, August 27, His Grace Bishop Theodosy celebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Holy Royal Martyrs of Russia parish in Reno, Nevada.

On Monday, August 28, our parish celebrated the Feast of Dormition of our Most Holy Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.  The Divine Liturgy was followed by the Rite of the Burial of the Mother of God at Gethsemane.

В субботу, 26 августа, в день памяти Святителя Тихона, епископа Воронежского, Задонского чудотворца, состоялись празднества в честь престольного праздника.  Праздничную литургию возглавил Высокопреосвященнейший Кирилл, архиепископ Сан-Францисский и Западно-Американский.  Ему сослужили Преосвященнейший Феодосий, епископ Сиэтлийский, и духовенство Западно-Американской епархии.  

В воскресенье, 27 августа, Преосвященнейший епископ Феодосий отслужил литургию в храме Святых Царственных Мучеников в Рино, штате Невада.

В понедельник, 28 августа, в нашем храме состоялась литургия в честь праздника Успения Пресвятыя Богородицы с чином погребения.

Feast Day in our parish / Престольный Праздник

Feast of Our Lord's Transfiguration

His Grace, Bishop of Seattle Theodosy headed a festal liturgy in Seattle, with a visit of the Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon of our Holy Lady of Theotokos from Hawaii. 

The Transfiguration is one of the miracles of Jesus in the Gospels. This miracle is unique among others that appear in the Canonical gospels, in that the miracle happens to Jesus himself.

Jesus and three of his apostles, Peter, James and John, go to a mountain Tabor (the Mount of Transfiguration) to pray. On the mountain, Jesus begins to shine with bright rays of light. Then the prophets Moses and Elijah appear next to him and he speaks with them. Jesus is then called "Son" by a voice in the sky, assumed to be God the Father, as in the Baptism of Jesus.

Palm Sunday 04/09/17

A festal liturgy was served, headed by Bishop Theodosy.

On the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, also known as Palm Sunday, the Church celebrates the feast of Christ the King, welcomed by children at His entry into Jerusalem and to be welcomed likewise by each one of us into our own heart.  Many times during the Palm Sunday vigil we hear the words - ‘today the grace of the Holy Spirit has gathered us together.'  Just as in the 5th & 6th centuries, monks would return from the desert to their monasteries to celebrate the raising of Lazarus and Palm Sunday, 15 centuries later the same occurs as scattered members of the parish start to appear in church, and more and more will come as we get further into Holy Week.
With the ending of the 40-day fast, we now  accompany Christ day by day.  We are with Him as He draws near to Jerusalem, as He reaches Bethany to raise Lazarus, as he enters the Holy City on Palm Sunday, as He approaches His Passion and through his suffering, death and burial.  And we set our faces towards the objective of our journeying - to see His holy resurrection. *

*Extracts from The Meaning of the Great Fast by Metr. Kallistos Ware, the forward to the English translation of The Lenten Trioden. 

The Annunciation of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary.

Friday moleben services with Akathist to the Mother of God.

Outside of major fasting periods (e.g. Great Lent, Nativity Lent), on Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m. our parish serves a moleben and Akathist to the Mother of God and St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco. This is a chance each Friday to thank God, by the prayers of His mother, for the week that is past and ask for blessings and guidance for the holy days to come. The Akathist is served with all the people singing, and prayers offered during the moleben for all the living. The service concludes with a short prayer and blessing in the cell of St. John.

Please note that as a general rule these Friday moleben services with Akathist do not take place during sustained lenten periods (e.g. Great Lent, Apostles' Fast, Dormition Fast, Nativity Fast), or during Paschaltide. To determine for certain whether there is an Akathist on a given Friday, see our Schedule of Services, where all planned Akathists are indicated. If you do not see an Akathist explicitly listed on a given Friday, it is not taking place that day.