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Please feel welcome

We want you to feel very welcome when visiting our parish. Our small community has existed since the days of St. John himself, who was Archbishop of the diocese and rector of the chapel here that served his orphanage, which is today our Parish of St. Tikhon.

If you are not an Orthodox Christian, there are a number of things about Orthodox worship, and the sights and sounds you will encounter in our parish, that might strike you as confusing or unexpected -- not least being that we worship in a mixture of Church Slavonic (older, 'liturgical Russian') and English. While you may feel slightly confused or uncomfortable at not knowing why people cross themselves at certain times, or make prostrations, or stand and move about at given moments, etc., please know that we are aware how perplexing such things may at first seem if you are unfamiliar with them, and no one will be in the least offended or upset if you do not know precisely how to follow the course of the Divine Services. Please simply approach any parishioner and ask for assistance if you are not sure what is to be done at any point in a service.

Before or after services, our clergy would very much like for you to make yourselves known to them, to greet you, extend the welcome of our parish and answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to approach them when they are outside of the Altar area, after the services have concluded. They will be happy you did, and will be able to tell you more about our parish and its history, our worship and the Orthodox life.

As Orthodox Christians, we ask only that non-Orthodox visitors and guests respect our tradition of reserving the sacraments solely for Orthodox worshippers, and that they not approach for Holy Communion or other sacramental rites. This tradition is not one of judgement, but of preserving our understanding of the Church and her work in our fallen world. If you would like to learn more about this tradition of the Orthodox Church, or any of our other traditions or practices, please speak with any of the clergy to arrange a conversation.

May the Lord bless you!