Our practice is for all parishioners to confess regularly, which normally means participating in the mystery of confession prior to each reception of the Holy Eucharist, or as directed by your spiritual father.

Confession may be arranged at any point during the week by contacting one of the parish clergy. It is also possible to have confession before or after (or at some points - if multiple clergy are serving together - during) the regular Saturday evening vigil service, or prior to the Divine Liturgy on a Sunday morning, if clergy have been notified in advance and can plan for this. The practice of saying confession during the Divine Liturgy (e.g. just before communion, or at other points in the Liturgy) is reserved solely for the infirm or aged who are physically unable to say confession at any other time, or for emergency situations only. This is not to be employed as a regular practice, even for young children, as it is disruptive to the flow of the Divine Liturgy.

Guidance for confession

Holy Confession is not to be accidental, automatic or unprepared. This mystery of repentance and healing can only have a deep effect on our lives if we spend time preparing ourselves for it through prayer, fasting and a deep, honest interrogation of our lives and hearts. The following materials will be of some assistance in preparing ourselves to make a good confession:

A catechism on confession - This very helpful document contains information on the nature of confession; what makes a good and healthy confession; how we ought to prepare ourselves; how to avoid some common problems and mistakes; and other valuable guidance.

A guide to preparation for holy confession - This document contains a lengthy listing of common sins and temptations in various parts of our lives (sins against God, against others, against ourselves, etc.), which can be used to help take stock of our condition in preparing for our confession.

Both of these documents have their origins elsewhere, but have been updated and modified to better suit the needs of members of St. Tikhon's Parish.
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Aug 22, 2010, 7:48 PM
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